Directorate for European Integration and Project Management was established on 23 April 2015 and the Directorate of the date hereof is positioned in the Defence Policy Sector.

The first task of the Directorate is improving the work and functioning of the structures within the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Army, in the stage of accession processes to European Union.

The second task of the Directorate is to manage projects of organizational units of the Ministry and Armed Forces, envisaged to be funded from progammes of European Union and international development assistance, which can not be financed from the budget.

Organizational structure:

  1. Director
  2. European Integration group
  3. Managing Project group
  4. Analytics and Administrative Support group

Strategic framework:

  • European partnership
  • Stabilisation and association agreement -SAA
  • Multi-annual Indicative Planning Document - MIPD
  • Annual report to European Commission on the progress of the country - Progress report
  • National Programme for Integration of the Republic of Serbia into the European Union – NPI
  • Needs of the Republic of Serbia for International Assistance – NAD
  • National and sectoral strategies
  • Annual operating plans



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