27. 03. 2013

The representatives of  the Budget and Finance Sector, led by Deputy Minister Mr Srbislav Cvejić and director of the Directorate for Project Management Mr Proda Šećerov, in the presence of Ivana Vukašinović, a head of the group for project planning and programming and Zorica Vuković, a translator, had a meeting on 27th March 2013 with a representative of consulting agency Maxima Consulting, Mr Bernard O'Salivan, with a topic Influence of international development assistance on  the defence system in the period from 2007 to 2011.  

The agency „Maxima consulting” is engaged by the European integration office for implementation of project „Evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of international development assistance to the Republic of Serbia” and its financing was provided by Swedish agency for international development and cooperation – SIDA.  

The abovementioned project should show the way in which that assistance affected the overall reform of the state administration in the Republic of Serbia.

In terms of this project, Mr O'Salivan is competent for the Rule of law sector which also includes the Ministry of Defence.  

Mr O'Salivan has briefly presented the project „Evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of international development assistance to the Republic of Serbia“, which is being implemented with the aim of  submission of the reports to the European commission on overall reform implementation across sectors through total development assistance which Serbia received in the period from 2007 to 2011.

After Deputy Minister Mr. Srbislav Cvejic and director Mr. Proda Šećerov presented the Directorate for Project Management, Mr. O'Saliven expressed his support to this new way of defence system functioning. He also added that in that way the new roads for obtaining international developmental assistance are being opened - through interdepartmental approach which would significantly contribute to reforms of several sectors, and greater visibility of the Ministry of Defence when EU funds are being allocated, which would also enable faster.



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