08. 03. 2013

Directorate organised INFO DAY for representatives of organizational units in the Ministry of Defence.

The Directorate for Project Management has started the process of collecting project ideas in accordance with its task and Action plan, for the Cross-border Cooperation Programme, or II component of IPA programme.

In this respect, the Directorate organized INFO DAY for all organizational units of the defence system for brief introduction  to the Cross-border Cooperation Programme (first for calls for cooperation between Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro) and for providing further information of aforesaid cooperation.

INFO DAY was held on Thursday, 7t March 2013 in the building of the Ministry of Defence.

The representatives of the Directorate for Project Management, Zorica Vuković and Ivana Vukašinović, presented to the representatives of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces the basic rules for writing IPA projects of cross-border cooperation, characteristics and conditions of this Programme, and specific details that have to be addressed when developing project proposal, and all that in order to do it more efficiently and more effectively.

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