ID Number: PR00-074-OMVZ0-1200/01-02/21


Name of the Project: ''Raising the capacities of Center for specializing CBRN personnel within the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia''

Responsible for activities: Center for specializing CBRN personnel

Brief description: Enhancement of the capacities of CBRN Centre for the purposes of its institutional development in Regional CBRN Centre, with special emphasis on further specialization of civilian and military personnel in the CBRN field, more efficient laboratory analysis and control, further staff training in the field of radiological and chemical analysis of various samples, RCB decontamination and NCB protection, both in the region and the world.

Strategic/legal basis: European Security Strategy, EU Strategy against Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Law on Emergency Situation, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia.

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