ID Number: PR00-046-OMVZ0-1200/01-02/20


Name of the Project: ''Raising capacities of the Air Medical Institute''

Responsible for activities: Air Medical Institute

Brief description: Implementation of the Project aims to enable Air Medical Institute to improve its capacities and contribute to establishment of regional center, which would be the only center of this type in the region. The Project includes procurement of hyperbaric chamber, night vision devise, and full equipment for virology, bacteriology and serology laboratory, X-ray device, ejection seat (catapult), as well as organization of trainings for handling abovementioned equipment. Establishment of Regional Center will contribute to scientific research field, both in the territory and the region. Moreover, Project will support further improvement of aeronautical training and the region.

Strategic/legal basis: Europe 2020, Low on Health care, Law on Scientific and Research Activities.

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End of Project: /

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