ID Number: PR00-072-OVOJ6-1200/01-03/20


Name of the Project: ''Introducing Electronic Archive and Document Digitalization in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces''

Responsible for activities: Budget and Finance

Brief descriptionThe main objective to be fulfilled by the Project is introduction of Electronic Archive and Document Digitalization System in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defence, as one of the biggest governmental institutions in the country, currently operates with immense quantity of documentation in paper format, which needs to be preserved and properly archived. Electronic archive is application program solution for the purposes of data archiving. It represents a modern technological solution for archiving all data types: documents, projects, files, etc., as well as documentation scanning and digital documentation storing.
Major advantages of introducing Electronic Document Archiving: instant access to information, reduced costs of business processescomplete monitoring of documents, protection against abuse and/or destruction, reduction of archive space

Strategic/legal basis: United Nations Millenium Declaration, Europe 2020, E-governement development Strategy in Republic of Serbia for 2009-2013, Low in electronic document.

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End of Project: /

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