ID Number: PR00-014-OVZOK-1300/00-01/10


Name of the Project: ''Raising the efficiency and capabilities of the Peace Operations Center''

Responsible for activities: Center for Peace Operations, Joint Operative Commands

Brief description:
The project indludes organization of expert missions and study visits in the following phases:
1. Organization of expert mission and study visit on the topic: ''Systems and ways of functioning of Center for Peace Operations''
   - Expert mission organized by any European country with a long experience in the peace operations with units to the level of batallion. Duration of the mission - 5 working days.
   - Study visit for 3 persons from MoD RS in duration of 5 working days
2. Organization of study visit, return visit and expert mission ''Support to independent realization of Course for military observes in 2014''
   - Study visit for the purposes of gathering experiences and lessons learned in order to develop the ability to independently conduct the Course for military observers. Study visit is planned for 3 persons of MoD in duration of 5 working days.
Return visit for 3 persons of MoD in duration of 5 working days.
   - Expert mission aiming at participation of Instructor team in the implementation of the Course for military observers in duration of 5 working days.

Strategic/legal basis: Strategy of National Security of the Republic of Serbia, Strategy of Defence of the Republic of Serbia.

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