ID Number: PR00-061-OMOJ0-0000/02-01/10


Name of the Project: ''Developing Military Film Center into regional film center - Project for digitalization of movie archive''

Responsible for activities: Military Film Center 'Zastava Film'

Brief description:
Regional development of the MFC should be conducted through 5 following stages: Presenting the capacities and possibilities of the MFC through international military cooperation, monitoring of regional activities developing in the area of international military cooperation (trainings, seminars, workshops, courses), digitalization of movie archive and creating conditions for basic form of regional cooperation in cinematography field, forming a regioanl team for movie industry, analysis of current capacities of the MFC.

Strategic/legal basis: Europe 2020, Europian Cultural Convention, Europian Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production, Law on Culture, Law on Cinematography, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, National Sustainable Development Strategy, Information Society Development Strategy in the Republic of Serbia until year 2020, Strategy on Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia in period 2010-2015.

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End of Project: /

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