ID Number: PR00-071-OVOJ2-1300/02-03/10


Name of the Project: ''Improving technical and technological processes of cartographic reproduction and printing when drafting geographical topography material''

Responsible for activities: Military Geographical Institute

Brief description
Improving the capacities of MGI in regard to the cartographic reproduction and printing of geographical topography material. The following results are to be obtained during the project implementation: better quality of geographic and topographic material drafting Printing of geographic and topographic material faster and of better quality.
Possibility of drafting analog GTM upon the request of user or contracting authority's

Strategic/legal basis: Europe 2020, Law on Defense, Law on Scientific and Research Activities, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Strategy on Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia in period 2010-2015.

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End of Project: /

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