ID Number: PR00-072-OVOJ6-1200/02-01/21


Name of the Project: ''Improving technological support of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces by introducing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)''

Responsible for activities: Department of Telecommunications and IT

Brief description: Introduction of Electronic Document Management System aims at improvement of overall functioning of the MoD and SAF, as well as raising defence system’s operability to a higher level through introduction of electronic archiving, time stamp and electronic signature.
Results expected to be obtained after implementation: achieved higher level of control and security of classified data, improved planning and reporting, document standardization, improved personnel capacities, real-time document accessibility, centralized archiving and document management, relevant documentation accessible from distant locations, cost reduction, system’s operability uplifted to a higher level, improved efficiency of task realization and overall work process in MoD and SAF.

Strategic/legal basis: Europe 2020, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Defence Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Law on Defence

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