ID Number: PR00-073-OVOJ2-1200/02-01/10


Name of the Project: ''Establishing primary standard for great lengths as well as the standard for horizontal and vertical angles in closed laboratory''

Responsible for activities: Military Geographical Institute

Brief description:
Metrology laboratory ML06 has developed its primary and work standards for great lengths and angles in field conditions, field testing grounds or bases. Due to the fact that the capacities of ML06 are conditioned by atmospheric changes, control of measuring equipment is being conducted only if atmospheric conditions are in accordance with regulations (metrological guidelines). The possibility of metrological testing in laboratory conditions (in a closed laboratory with controlled climate parameters) would significantly increase capacities of ML06 for metrological instruments testing in MoD and SAF.

Strategic/legal basis:
Europe 2020, Law on Defense, Law on Scientific and Research Activities, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Strategy on Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia in period 2010-2015.

Project start: /

End of Project: /

Source of funding: /


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