ID Number: PR00-091-OMVZ0-1300/01-01/10


Name of the Project: ''Replacement of boilers in order to provide hot water heating at TC Lisiciji potok''

Responsible for activities: Department for Military Health

Brief description:
In order to ensure hydronic heating in TC “Lisičiji potok” three boilers Neovulkan III were installed in the boiler room, and are in operation since 1968. Boilers use solid fuels (brown coal - grit and raw wood cube), without control of combustion emission. The presence of pollutants: sulfur, smoke and micro particles in the boiler room area and outside of it violates all regulations. Boilers need to be replaced with new hot-water boilers of the same capacity with automatic firing (ATK - cylindrical boilers 90/70 °) with the burners on heating gas oil. Also, the development of new connections to the existing chimney, installation cistern for storing energy capacity of 25t, installation of new oil lines from the tank to the burner and the boiler room, security lighting, lowering the ceiling of the walls and floors is also required.

Strategic/legal basis
United Nations Millennium Declaration, Europe 2020, The EU Strategy for Sustainable Development, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia until year 2015, National Sustainable Development Strategy.

Project start
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End of Project: /

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