ID Number: PR00-091-OMMR3-1300/00-01/10


Name of the Project: ''Developing the capacities of the Technical Test Center for the purposes of improving the energy efficiency of the facility''

Responsible for activities:
Technical Test Centar

Brief description:
By re­pla­cing the po­wer supply ca­bles and po­wer sta­ti­ons with equ­ip­ment that ena­bles shif­ting on to the 20 kV of vol­ta­ge le­vel, and by in­stal­ling re­ac­ti­ve po­wer com­pen­sa­tion equ­ip­ment, sig­ni­fi­cant sa­vings in po­wer con­sump­tion wo­uld be ac­hi­e­ved. Al­so, it wo­uld cre­a­te the con­di­ti­ons for the spe­ci­fic te­sting equ­ip­ment wit­hin the te­sting fi­eld, with no va­ri­a­tion of vol­ta­ge, which wo­uld di­rectly af­fect the va­li­dity of test re­sults.

Strategic/legal basis
United Nations Millennium Declaration, Europe 2020, The EU Strategy for Sustainable Development, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia until year 2015, National Sustainable Development Strategy

Project start
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End of Project: /

Source of funding: /


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