ID Number: PR00-091-OMVZ1-1300/02-01/21


Name of the Project: ''Replacement of two cooling devices (chillers) with the capacity of 3000 kW and their accompanying cooling towers''

Responsible for activities: Military Medical Academy

Brief description:
Military Medical Academy is fully air-conditioned facility that operates with 100% of fresh air. Cooling plant comprises of 4 cooling devices (chillers) with their accompanying cooling towers. Due to the specific technology within the MMA, the cooling plant operates constantly throughout the year. Replacement of two old chillers, MMA would completely stop with the use of refrigerant Freon 12 and significant electricity savings would be obtained (10-15% in compare to current state)

Strategic/legal basis
United Nations Millennium Declaration, Europe 2020, The EU Strategy for Sustainable Development, National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia until year 2015 (р.12, 17, 18, 30), National Sustainable Development Strategy.

Project start
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End of Project: /

Source of funding: /


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